Lacey and Larkin Weigh In On The Joe Arpaio Presidential Pardon Case

In October last year, the District Judge in Arizona passed a ruling allowing the presidential pardon that was being granted to Joe Arpaio to go through. Joe was about to face an extremely long sentence for the numerous heinous crimes that he committed during his tenure as the Sheriff of Maricopa County.

Calling himself ‘America’s Toughest Sheriff’, Joe was a white supremacist who saw everyone belonging to another race as inferior.

To this effect, he inflicted numerous injustices on people of minority groups. During his tenure, he was known for falsely arresting and imprisoning people particularly belonging to the Latin American Community living in the state of Arizona. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

He was known for bribing jurors to get them to pass judgements on people belonging to these communities, and so that they would be inflicted with harsher sentences for even minor offences.

During his tenure, he was also known for the inhuman conditions that the people in the prisons that he ran were kept in. These people were often inflicted with force violence on the hands of the people who Joe Arpaio had employed. Anyone who said anything against Joe Arpaio was immediately punished for their actions, and no one knows this better than Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin.

The two newsmen of the Phoenix New Times decided to release an article on Arpaio and the injustices that he was resorting to. This caused quite a stir, which ultimately led them to being arrested by Joe Arpaio. They were also falsely detained under false pretenses, because of what they had written about Arpaio.

Lacey and Larkin then decided to sue Arpaio upon their release because of the false arrest and the mental harm he had inflicted on them as a result of this. The case lasted for quite a while before it was finally settled by Maricopa County.

Lacey and Larkin received a huge settlement, and then decided to use it to start up the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. The case was also what brought the actions of Arpaio to the timelight, and started the long drawn out case that ultimately led to him being given a prison sentence.

However, all of this changes with the presidential pardon that is being granted to him.

It was clear that Arpaio did have racist notions and had the intention of profiling people of this race to fulfill his ideals. Many people have put in countless hours of effort to bring justice to the man that caused so much distress to their lives.

The reason President Donald Trump decided to grant Arpaio the pardon was because of the relationship that they share. Arpaio has always been a staunch supporter of the Republican Party and has donated countless times to Trump’s presidential campaign.

Granting this pardon to Arpaio will also deem all of the acts that he has committed as dismissed, almost as if he had never committed them at all.

It gives people who have these racist notions a feeling like they are justified since the President is on their side, which is not going to be good for the society in any way.

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Scott Rocklage Brings His Science Background With Him To Help Early Stage Entrepreneurs To Build A Solid Life-Science Business

Scott Rocklage is a Managing Partner of the life-science based venture capital firm, 5AM Ventures, and he has been so since 2004. He brings with him years of experience in the healthcare management industry as well as a background in science. Early on in life, Rocklage studied at the University of California, Berkeley where he earned a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Chemistry. He went on to pursue and complete his Ph.D. in Chemistry at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It was there that he performed research in the lab of the Nobel Prize winner, Richard R. Schrock. Over the years, he also invented or was the co-inventor of more than 30 United States patents.


Scott Rocklage was the CEO of EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. and was also its Acting CEO for a period of time. He also worked with Amersham Health as its CEO and President and was the Co-President of Ilypsa, Inc. Previously, Rocklage sat as the President of Cubist Pharmaceuticals Inc. for seven years and also was its Founding Chief Executive Officer for nine years. Before this, he was the CEO and President of Nycomed Salutar, Inc. and the CEO, Chairman, and President of Nycomed Interventional, Inc. Today he sits as a part of the Board of Directors of Nouscom AG and works with MDS Proteomics, Inc. as a Director.


Scott Rocklage was the man responsible for the FDA approval of Cubicin, Omniscan, and Teslascan, and he has also worked on many other possible drug candidates. He has found that it is his skills of organization, prioritizing, and time management that have helped him to become the success he is. He has also learned that a company does its best when it focuses, heavily, on the selection of its team. This is where he says many business leaders get jammed up, and this has caused him problems in the past. It was when he learned to stop staying stuck on a bad employee hire that he found that his businesses would run more smoothly. He has expressed that it doesn’t matter what you do to try to motivate or change an employee that is not the right fit for your company. If they have a set of underlying deficiencies that cause them to do poorly, it’s best to not waste a lot of time trying to make them change. Instead, it’s best to move forward and focus on the rest of your team and work to find a better fit for your company.


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Adam Milstein: Managing Partner at Hager Pacific Properties

Adam Milstein has many accomplishments and has led a life of great success. Today, he is known as a real estate investor, philanthropist, and a partner at Hager Pacific Properties. On top of all of his achievement within his career, with the assistance of his wife, they opened a foundation not too long ago.

In 1952, Adam Milstein was born in Hafia, Israel to a homemaker and a real estate developer. He has done great service to his country by participating in wars such as the Yom Kippur War. After his service, he decided he wanted to enhance his education. He attended Technion Israel Institute of Technology. Through this college, he obtained his Bachelor’s of Science degree in business and economics. As he was going to school, Milstein worked alongside his father to help with the expansion of their real estate construction and development business. From working with his dad to finding a true passion for this type of work, Milstein has achieved his own success in real estate, and Adam’s lacrosse camp.

Hager Pacific Properties is filled with private real estate investors who manage over one hundred properties across the nation worth billions of dollars. Through this business, you can find various types of potential homes, for they have anything from apartments to beautiful homes where you can start a family. Yes, Adam Milstein is a managing partner at the business, but he did not lead the company to such success on his own. Adam works alongside David Hager and Robert Neal who are managing partners, and Jason Schirn, the Chief Investment Officer.

Adam Milstein is a businessman, but he is also a family man and true to his roots and culture. As it was stated before, Milstein and his wife opened a foundation called Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. This foundation focuses on assisting students with the enhancement of their education. They center their support around those with Jewish roots, for they want to help them connect with their culture and Israel in general. They try to help them understand that they should be proud to be Jewish and enlightening them on the history of Israel.

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Doe Deere

Doe Deere is just one of those people who stands out in a crowd. Whether it’s her multicolored hair or her larger than life personality. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact reason. She is such a rare person many have called her the “Queen of Unicorns.” A nickname she wears like a badge of honor of course. With her love for all things beautiful it makes since that she would launch a cosmetic brand. Her brand, Lime Crime, has become very successful with her at the helm. The most remarkable part of the young entrepreneurs success story is just how unconventional it is. She proves that if you truly believe in yourself you can make your dreams come true.


Deere is a bit of a globe trotter. She was born and raised in Russia, but immigrated to New York at the age of 17 and she now resides in Loss Angeles. Ever since she could remember she was a creative person with a wild imagination. The ambition she now has came with adulthood. As a child she definitely didn’t dream of owning a business. her first love was music and she moved to the states to become a professional musician. Today many people don’t know that she started as a musician. She attributes much of her knowledge in marketing to the time she spent as a member of a band. Deere also has a background in fashion design. To her, fashion and makeup have an interconnected relationship.


When asked in an interview what advice she would give to young women who want to be an entrepreneur her advice was to find what makes you special and follow your heart. Only after you really know yourself can you reach your truest potential. once you accept who you truly are you’ll find that there are other people who feel the same way. Lime Crime was born out of this sentiment.


For Deere makeup is a form of expression. She believes it helps those who are a little insecure feel more confident in their own skin. People can truly be themselves without stressing over what people will think of them.


About Lime Crime


Lime Crime is leading the charge in revolutionizing the makeup industry with its creative marketing techniques and use of the internet. As a digitally-native beauty brand, it is one of the first of its kind. It encourages its consumers to be as different as they want, giving them the confidence to express themselves unapologetically. Learn more:


AvaTrade Review: Forex Brokers in the Spotlight

AvaTrade is one of the largest forex brokers in the world. They promise their customers the best and easy way to trade online. But is that the case? Let us review how the company has managed to stay in the brokerage business for over ten years.

It is first of all important to recognize the fact that forex brokerage business is not easy. That is simply the reason why most companies start and fail along the way. However, AvaTrade has been in business for over a decade. It launched its operations in 2006.

Forex business requires expertise and experience. Dealing with a company with little expertise and no experience can be a risky affair. For that reason, it is important while choosing a forex broker to get a company that has been in operation for some time. The fact that a brokerage company has been in existence for over ten years implies that it has enough resources as well as experience to carry out its daily operations. That is why AvaTrade probably gets an advantage over its competitors.

AvaTrade Ownership

Unlike most forex brokers, AvaTrade has clear information regarding the real owners. The company is owned by Neveg Nosatzki and Emanuel Kronitz.


AvaTrade meets all international regulatory requirements for forex brokerage business. This is also important while choosing a forex broker. If you deal with a broker that does not meet all the set standards for forex brokerage, chances are that you might lose your money in case the company is clamped down.

Features and Trading Platforms

Another indicator of a good forex brokerage firm is the trading platforms it provides. The good thing about AvaTrade is that it offers several trading platforms to meet the demands of its users.

About Ava Trade

AvaTrade is an online based forex brokerage company. It was founded in the year 2006 by Emanuel Kronitz and Neveg Nosatzki. The company has been in business for over ten years and has gained vast experience in online forex trading. AvaTrade has multiple trading platforms which allow users to choose from various options.

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The Habanero Has Hidden Benefits

Joel Friant, also known as the “The Thai Guy” is passionate about peppers-especially Habanero peppers. He has even traveled to Jamaica to get a taste of the Scotch Bonnet which is a variation of the Habanero pepper. He even created the “Original Habanero Shaker” which makes Habanero peppers milder and a great compliment to any dish.

The Habanero pepper has some pretty sweet benefits such as helping the body to strengthen its immune system, and it even supports the production of those feel-good endorphins. Plus, it adds a nice bold shot of heat to any food you add it to.

Friant’s Habanero Shaker is sold in major grocery stores, and he has even schooled himself on being a successful seller on eBay and on Amazon.

Friant has been very successful in the real estate business, but he has also been very interested in why some people have obtained success while others have not. He has set out to find out why and has come up with a few concepts in this matter. He knows that positivity goes a long way to promoting success and that it is very important to associate with the “right” type of people. Friant has also figured out that success comes from within and that the mind is a powerful tool.

Friant finds that a bike ride works the best for him when it comes to getting a clear mind. He is always writing things down and brainstorming. Writing things down also helps him to be more productive with his time, and he spares himself the headache of trying to remember things.

Friant did not always do things that he loves, but he had his fair share of bad moments as well. His worst job would have to be scraping gum off the sidewalk but he still managed to use it as a learning experience. He learned that we all have our hang-ups s and the sooner that we get rid of those, the sooner we can progress. Joel continues to pursue his interests and keeps it positive. He has also discovered the power of the mind.

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Three Financial Tips for the New Year with The Oxford Club

The Oxford Club is a private international network of investors from around the world. These investors have the knowledge to help people make the most out of their money. The group as of now has more than eighty thousand members located in more than one hundred countries around the world.

The group has over two decades of experience when it comes to financial investments. The group has monthly newsletters for their membership about the latest trends in the investment world. In a recent article for which is the educational part of the Oxford Club, there are three things a person can do to have higher returns in the new year to come.

The first thing for clients to do is to save more money. If a person doesn’t set aside enough money now that person could be in real trouble down the line. Almost one- quarter of people surveyed for the article have not saved much money for retirement.

The second thing investors need to do for the new year is to cut costs for future investments. Some fund managers fail to perform up to expectations and that can lead investors to lose quite a bit of their money. The one thing that investors should watch for is how much the broker makes on the investment. The more money the broker makes the less the client will receive.

The final thing for investors to keep in mind is to rebalance the portfolio. An investor can start this by selling stocks that have made the most money and put that extra money in stocks that have not performed as well. It helps the investor focus on the long-term and reduce potential risk.

These tips may help investors and results may vary. That is why the Oxford Club is here to help.

Neater Kitchens are Worth Investigating Siteline Cabinetry Affordable Offers

A messy kitchen can make anyone feel frustrated. Those that tend to constantly have untidy kitchens usually do not have adequate cabinet space. This can be easily remedied with beautiful Siteline Cabinetry styles that every homeowner can make their own. This woodworking company allows homeowners to select from a long list of stunning cabinet designs. These include country, traditional, contemporary, modern and more cabinet style picks. Then, the homeowner also chooses from many fine cabinet door options. These cabinets can be expertly finished with authentic wood stains, gorgeous paints in a wide range of stunning hues, textured surfaces for more depth and open cabinet spaces too.

Homeowners will work with an experienced authorized dealer for Siteline Cabinetry. These helpful professionals know everything there is to know about Siteline Cabinetry. They will be able to hasten the design process by helping to streamline the homeowner’s varying tastes. These friendly individuals can make educated recommendations based on the customer’s interest in cabinet styles. These top-notch cabinets are refreshingly affordable for the everyday homeowner across the country. Instead of settling for boring cookie cutter cabinet options from other cabinet makers, those that choose Siteline Cabinetry for their kitchen remodel will acquire original cabinets specifically made to the exact details that a customer has decided on.

This new way of getting exceptionally detailed storage spaces in unbelievably striking designs is creating a rush of interest in these affordable storage solutions. With a new spot designated for each normally strewn across the counters kitchen utensils, your new organized kitchen will take your breath away. The kitchen will be able to stay neat, and homeowners will have a focal point that everyone will appreciate in their truly personalized kitchen spaces. Siteline Cabinetry doesn’t take months of installment and building time. With some pre-configured materials, these cabinets can be professionally crafted in just a few weeks. Other cabinet makers require frustratingly longer lead times.

Homeowners desiring a magnificent change in their kitchens should investigate the outstanding options in kitchen cabinets that Siteline Cabinetry promises. Finally, an affordable way to have custom built kitchen or other room storage cabinets.

US Money Reserve Hosts Emergency Conference

For many centuries, one of the most valuable materials in the world has been gold. Gold has not only been used for jewelry, it has also been used to back some of the most important currencies in the world. Today, investing in gold continues to be a very popular option for those that would like to diversify their portfolio and hedge against future risks.


While you can invest in gold ETFs and other liquid investments, there are still many advantages that come with investing in gold bullion, such as coins and bars. If you are interested in investing in gold bullion, one of the best places to get it is from the US Money Reserve. The US Money Reserve is one of the largest distributors of gold and other precious metals in the world. The US Money Reserve ahs been in business for more than 15 years and continues to be a leader in the industry due to the quality products and solutions it provides as well as the in-depth market research it provides to potential investors.


The US Money Reserve recently announced that it was hosting an emergency conference, which was going to be called the Emergency Gold Conference that would be held in Austin, Texas. The conference, which was held at a secret location, invited only some select individuals that were needed to discuss many of the issues facing the world today. Some of the most important topics that were going to be discussed included terrorism across the world, unstable leadership in many different countries, and a range of other risks that people are facing today.


While discussing the issues that the world is facing, the US Money Reserve also will discuss the ways that people could protect their assets. In a crisis, the price of gold and other precious metals tends to increase while the values of stocks and other investments tend to decline. Overall, it is believed that the value of gold in the US will always increase when there is volatility in the marketplace.


Due to the future risk for volatility, it is recommended by the US Money Reserve that people should hedge their assets by investing in bullion products. The US Money Reserve will not only help you to find quality metal assets to buy, but they can also provide you with a number of storing and holding solutions to ensure they retain value.


Fabletics Branching Out with Amazon Presence

When Kate Hudson became a recognizable co-founder of Fabletics, 2013 launched, athleisure wear brand, she was determined to market this brand on every platform possible. Today, Fabletics is again branching out with a new Amazon presence. This strategy is getting the brand name advertised to a whole new group of potential Fabletics customers. Online shopping is the way that many customers shop for their favorite items. The convenience and low key aspect of this shopping method lets customers relax at home while shopping online where more deals are available. Kate Hudson realized that an Amazon presence would likely draw over many online consumers to Fabletics clothing products.


It is important to Kate to continue Fabletics savvy strategy of allowing customer input in the designing process. A reverse showroom within Fabletics organization is the perfect tool to make this customer driven Fabletics brand possible and effective. The company created a fun, short and exceptionally revealing Lifestyle Quiz that all customers are highly urged to investigate. It doesn’t take a lot of precious time, and the end results work to a customer’s shopping benefit. The quiz results, customer shopping styles, preferred clothing items, browsing/shopping habits and customer review details are collected by an easy-access computerized format platform. These details are reviewed by top Fabletics leaders to better assemble enticing showroom and inventory stocked attire that loyal Fabletics consumers are more apt to purchase.


The business behind a Fabletics new collection launch goes through a complex process that ends in well constructed, remarkably comfortable, highly appealing athleisure styles, vivid color patterns and always affordable incredible active wear choices. It is not hard to see the feminine touch in these gorgeous clothing creations. Kate Hudson promises to keep the brand aesthetics beautiful, and she adds a feminine opinion that Fabletics customers can relate easily to.


With the current Amazon presence, Fabletics apparel is selling fast. As more consumers try this inspiring athletic gear brand, Fabletics continues to be a respected athleisure style fashion designer many online shoppers immediately recognize. Fabletics and Kate Hudson promise to continue their goal of helping women feel attractive, confident and empowered when wearing these high end affordable clothing pieces. These pieces are made to mix and match if desired. This trick extends a lady’s casual athleisure wardrobes nicely. Every consumer is encouraged to search for Fabletics designs online and on Amazon to browse the chic athleisure outfits available.