Roberto Santiago’s Journey to Legacy

Roberto Santiago became known to many for different reasons. Some knew him as a writer in children literature, while others knew him as a play director. Nevertheless, Roberto became known to many because of his Manaira Shopping Mall, which is the largest and most modern mall in Brazil. The iconic disposition of the mall makes all people desire to know its owner.

The Journey to Maniara

Roberto never dreamt of going into business as a young man. Instead, he always saw himself writing, as that was his main passion. As earlier mentioned, he started his venture in children literature, where he wrote stories and made graphics for kids. The literature spread throughout Brazil, where parents and schools administration bought his books in large volumes. After that, Roberto Santiago took a career in play and script writing. Santiago used his imagination to come up with storylines that would captivate his desired audience. Later, he also launched into play directing, where he guided the characters on how best to play their roles in the storyline. The role suited Santiago best as he mainly directed the plays, which he personally wrote.

Roberto also engaged in blog writing, and his success there birthed his desire to learn more about making investments. He had his own blog in which he inspired people on the best ways to handle life’s challenges. He advised people never to give up even when things got really tough. Since the blog generated him some income, Roberto decided to invest his money, However, he first decided to gain some knowledge on the best ways to invest. Consequently, Roberto joined the Pio X- Marist College and the University Center in Joao Pessoa, where he studied business. At that point, he felt good enough to pursue business endeavors.

While Roberto was still in school, he opened the Santa Rosa Café, which was a small venture since he could not afford to buy a big piece of land for business as he desired. Roberto kept his savings from the business and later opened a cartonnage company, which dealt with the manufacture of cardboards and other utility things. The venture was very successful, and he says that it marked the turning point of his life. Roberto used the savings from the business to buy the land on which he built the Maniara Shopping Mall. Within two years of buying the land, Roberto constructed and launched the operations of the mall.

Manaira Shopping Mall was a vision in which Roberto aspired for customers to get all the goods they wanted under one roof. Excellence and class were also part of the vision as Roberto wanted people to be a world away from their normal world upon entering the Maniara Mall.