The Habanero Has Hidden Benefits

Joel Friant, also known as the “The Thai Guy” is passionate about peppers-especially Habanero peppers. He has even traveled to Jamaica to get a taste of the Scotch Bonnet which is a variation of the Habanero pepper. He even created the “Original Habanero Shaker” which makes Habanero peppers milder and a great compliment to any dish.

The Habanero pepper has some pretty sweet benefits such as helping the body to strengthen its immune system, and it even supports the production of those feel-good endorphins. Plus, it adds a nice bold shot of heat to any food you add it to.

Friant’s Habanero Shaker is sold in major grocery stores, and he has even schooled himself on being a successful seller on eBay and on Amazon.

Friant has been very successful in the real estate business, but he has also been very interested in why some people have obtained success while others have not. He has set out to find out why and has come up with a few concepts in this matter. He knows that positivity goes a long way to promoting success and that it is very important to associate with the “right” type of people. Friant has also figured out that success comes from within and that the mind is a powerful tool.

Friant finds that a bike ride works the best for him when it comes to getting a clear mind. He is always writing things down and brainstorming. Writing things down also helps him to be more productive with his time, and he spares himself the headache of trying to remember things.

Friant did not always do things that he loves, but he had his fair share of bad moments as well. His worst job would have to be scraping gum off the sidewalk but he still managed to use it as a learning experience. He learned that we all have our hang-ups s and the sooner that we get rid of those, the sooner we can progress. Joel continues to pursue his interests and keeps it positive. He has also discovered the power of the mind.

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