Lacey and Larkin Weigh In On The Joe Arpaio Presidential Pardon Case

In October last year, the District Judge in Arizona passed a ruling allowing the presidential pardon that was being granted to Joe Arpaio to go through. Joe was about to face an extremely long sentence for the numerous heinous crimes that he committed during his tenure as the Sheriff of Maricopa County.

Calling himself ‘America’s Toughest Sheriff’, Joe was a white supremacist who saw everyone belonging to another race as inferior.

To this effect, he inflicted numerous injustices on people of minority groups. During his tenure, he was known for falsely arresting and imprisoning people particularly belonging to the Latin American Community living in the state of Arizona. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

He was known for bribing jurors to get them to pass judgements on people belonging to these communities, and so that they would be inflicted with harsher sentences for even minor offences.

During his tenure, he was also known for the inhuman conditions that the people in the prisons that he ran were kept in. These people were often inflicted with force violence on the hands of the people who Joe Arpaio had employed. Anyone who said anything against Joe Arpaio was immediately punished for their actions, and no one knows this better than Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin.

The two newsmen of the Phoenix New Times decided to release an article on Arpaio and the injustices that he was resorting to. This caused quite a stir, which ultimately led them to being arrested by Joe Arpaio. They were also falsely detained under false pretenses, because of what they had written about Arpaio.

Lacey and Larkin then decided to sue Arpaio upon their release because of the false arrest and the mental harm he had inflicted on them as a result of this. The case lasted for quite a while before it was finally settled by Maricopa County.

Lacey and Larkin received a huge settlement, and then decided to use it to start up the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. The case was also what brought the actions of Arpaio to the timelight, and started the long drawn out case that ultimately led to him being given a prison sentence.

However, all of this changes with the presidential pardon that is being granted to him.

It was clear that Arpaio did have racist notions and had the intention of profiling people of this race to fulfill his ideals. Many people have put in countless hours of effort to bring justice to the man that caused so much distress to their lives.

The reason President Donald Trump decided to grant Arpaio the pardon was because of the relationship that they share. Arpaio has always been a staunch supporter of the Republican Party and has donated countless times to Trump’s presidential campaign.

Granting this pardon to Arpaio will also deem all of the acts that he has committed as dismissed, almost as if he had never committed them at all.

It gives people who have these racist notions a feeling like they are justified since the President is on their side, which is not going to be good for the society in any way.

Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

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