Kim Dao and Cousin Bobby Sight See and Shop in Italy

Kim Dao and her cousin, Bobby, went to a shopping mall where she bought sun glasses and a new hand bag. Florence has a lot of large shopping malls, including a Prada fashion mall. While wandering around outside, Kim Dao bought a green apple flavored gelato with a sugar cookie on top. For lunch, the cousins shared some French fries and some cooked lunch meat. Learn more:


After doing some shopping, Kim Dao and Cousin Bobby went back to the hotel to rest for about an hour before going sightseeing to see some old churches. Kim Dao and her cousin had a late dinner. They had one more day in Florence, Italy  before heading back to Denmark. They stopped at a buffet to get pastrami, cheese, and a fruit drink. After dinner, Kim Dao and her cousin strolled through the streets looking at the goods the street vendors were selling and looking at the ancient buildings and statues. Kim Dao found a flight of stone steps that piqued her curiosity, and she climbed the staircase to see where it led to. The stairs led to another street with street vendors. She bought herself a pistachio and yogurt flavored gelato cone and walked on the shore of the Arno River. Learn more:


Dao and her cousin returned to the hotel and had a late steak dinner. The waiter cut up cubes of the steak for the twosome. The cousins had some macaroni and cheese and potatoes. The cousins left for Denmark late the next night. Learn more:


Hussain Sajwani’s Impressive Business Credentials: Reasons He is Doing So Well

It is high time we begin to see the word “credentials” beyond paper certificates issue by institutions of learning. Better put, credentials are innate qualities that sometimes validated with certificates. The reason is not far fetched. There are men and women with unparalleled business acumen even before obtaining any paper qualification. These rare individuals can be classified as born-entrepreneurs. Hussain Sajwani falls into this group of people.


While he was only 3 years old, his parents, neighbors and relatives noticed the business talents embedded in him. He usually joined his father in a watch shop to provide some assistance. Young Hussain also had an undying love for western education although the father lacked the financial capability to provide it. Nevertheless, he kept burning the midnight oil reading profusely. Somehow, assistance came his way, and he ended up studying in one of the best institutions of higher learning, the University of Washington, obtaining in the process a bachelor degree in Economics and Industrial Engineering in 1981.


Hussain Sajwani understands the place of adequate preparation if one intends accomplishing great feats in business. With this mindset, he joined the workforce of GASCO, a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, with the hope of acquiring valuable experience as well as raising some capital to launch his own company. He eventually achieved both goals. He was not just successful but recorded extraordinary success, sometimes unprecedented.


His first attempt was a catering venture. With little to no capital, the company rose to the pinnacle of the industry serving over 200,000 meals per day. The success story of DAMAC Properties, another company belonging to Hussain Sajwani, is something phenomenal. DAMAC is currently one of the largest property developing companies across the Middle East. Apart from the hundreds of magnificent properties developed by DAMAC, the company also owns quite a number of five-star luxury hotels in Dubai and other prominent cities in the region.


DAMAC business activities are not restricted to the Middle East. The current President of the United States had a couple of his golf courses developed by the DAMAC owner, and both men have since become intimate friends.


Aside business, the Hussain Sajwani family has a reputation for coming to the aid of the underprivileged, particularly youths and children. Recently, Hussain Sajwani donated AED two million for the clothing of a million poor children.

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David McDonald Hopes for New Changes to OSI Group

Since the OSI Group first started, they have grown as a company. What originally started out as a meat market stand has grown into a global company. They want to make sure that they are able to help all of the people who need their service. Whether David McDonald is catering to McDonald’s, Starbucks or a small pizza shop in Illinois, he knows that offering his services is one of the best ways to make sure that OSI Group is going to be better than what it was in the past. He also knows that there are going to be changes to the company so he hopes to make them himself and to do everything that OSI Group needs to continue to be successful. He believes that the company will not be successful without change and he is going to do everything that he can to make it happen while he is the president of the company and read full article.

David McDonald was responsible for the recent acquisitions that the company took part in. He found the companies that were doing poorly and he decided that they would be able to fit in with OSI Group. He took over the companies, managed the acquisition and helped them become integrated into the different parts of the company. Because of the way that OSI Group worked, the majority of the companies were able to be successful and that helped them to make all of the right choices that they needed in their own businesses and resume him.

Along with acquisitions and expansions, David McDonald is also responsible for bringing new changes to the companies that he works with. It is something that has allowed him the chance to grow the company and to show people what they can do. By offering new methods for food development that are sustainable, David McDonald is hoping that his company can be a role model for other food service companies. He wants to show people what they can do with the options that they have and how to make their food industry last for as long as possible because they are sustainable and learn more about David.

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The Profile and Opinions of Capital Group’s Chairman on Partnership with Samsung

Capital Research and Management Company is the oldest and leading investment management company in the America with over $1.39 Trillion under its watch. The company began in 1931 and since 2015 it has been under the stewardship of Timothy D. Armour. However, his journey at Capital Group began in 1983 when he began as a participant in the Associates Program.

Tim’s Armour advice to investors

Tim agrees that investors need not to settle on index funds. In his view investors should consider low cost simple investments held for a long time. However, Timothy further argues that owing to the many mediocre and costly mutual funds that shortchange investors the right way to secure your future is to rigorously analyze and build an investment portfolio prior to investing in a company and what Tim knows.

Tim’s Armour Education and Work Background

Timothy is a graduate of Economics from Middlesbury College. He is currently the Chairman, Director and Principal Executive Officer at Capital Group. He is doubles as the Equity Portfolio Manager and the Group’s Chairman. He boosts of an investment résumé covering AMAC Fund, The New Economy Fund, Scotia Global Opportunities Fund, SMALLCAP World Fund and American Fund just to mention and Timothy on Facebook.

Tim’s Opinion on Capital Group’s partnership with Samsung Asset Management

In 2015, SAM partnered with Capital Group and in Tim’s words, this served as an opportunity for Capital Group to jointly design to meet the investors’ savings, retirement and insurance needs in Korea. Capital Group with its experience brought in expertise to aid in upgrading SAM’s capacities.

Tim’s perspective on Market selloff in September 2015

The slow pace in growth for the Chinese economy may have had an impact in the market sell-off in September 2015. Controlling up to 15% of the global GDP, the Chinese economy dented financial investment confidence affecting markets globally and more information click here.

Tim’s Opinion on Post Trump Market Change

Tim argues that the falling interest rates had adversely affected the financial system. The Post Trump era has seen a rise in stock prices and greater returns on investments terming the era as ‘real’ and Tim’s lacrosse camp.

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Wild Ark And Their Green Travel Plans

Wild Ark is one of the most-fascinating green travel companies in the world, and they have done quite a lot of work to ensure that all their guests will see a side of the world that is touched by pollution and drought. They bring their guests to places such as Alaska and Africa where they will see how the world must change, and they are taken on guided tours that give them a taste of what it means to be an impact on the planet. This article explains how someone may schedule travel with the people at Wild Ark today. Learn more:


#1: Tours With Specific Goals


Every tour of Alaska and Africa is used to ensure that the guest is given a behind the scenes look at what these places are like. Africa and Alaska have some of the last untouched places in the world to visit, and they are traversed by guides with their tour groups every day. It is important for each of these tour groups to have access to information, and they will see things that teach them about the land they are standing on.


#2: The Scheduling


There are many tours that may be scheduled in each of these locations at the same time, and tour guides will stay with their groups for days at a time as they are taken on their adventures. The tour guides will answer all the questions the guests have, and they will ensure that the group is on-schedule as they travel across the area.


#3: The Design Of Each Trip


The trips are designed with custom activities for the guests, and they often taken on specific lengths of time given how long the guest can stay. Guests often want to do work while they are in these locations to help the planet, and they are allowed quite a lot of help to ensure that they do something good for the planet.


Everyone who takes a trip with Wild Ark will find that they have many chances to see the sprawling world around them. They will learn about the environment and these locations from their expert tour guides. Learn more:


All You Need To Know About Julie Zuckerberg

New York Executive Recruitment Lead, Julie Zuckerberg, is also an Acquisition Leader on Talent at the Deutsche Bank. She studied at Brooklyn College where she completed her Philosophy course. Later, she enrolled in the Law School of New York where she studied Law. She acquired her first job in Hudson as the Director of Candidate Placement for five years. She had several responsibilities such as appointing paralegals, attorneys, case managers, and moving staff members from temporary to permanent positions in the financial institutions and law firms. Miss Julie also offered information to employees regarding various issues such as new working conditions, benefits, and opportunities. She acted as a major link between clients and employees to rectify any workplace issues, adhering to the legal requirements. Julie also coached and counseled the employees, as she solved any conflicts among them. She held this role until October 2007.


During the same year, she joined Citi Global Functions and served as an Executive Recruiter in the firm. Here, she utilized various recruiting strategies such as social media services, internet search, employee referrals, and direct sourcing. Julie managed and promoted internal mobility as she closely worked with the team that facilitated the MD slate process. Julie recruited people for senior positions in Compliance, Legal & Audit, and also created job descriptions and planning succession strategies. On July 2011, she moved to the company’s Global Consumer Bank where she continued to serve as an Executive Recruiter. She recruited Directors and Managing Directors for Citi Consumer Marketing and CitiCards. She also served as an advisor to senior leaders on matters concerning markets that were competitive, strategies for recruitment, compensation trends and also talent.


From November 2013 to the second month of the following year, Julie worked as the Corporate Vice President of Recruitment at the Life Insurance Company of New York. She played the role of the manager in recruitment tasks and also issued complete life-cycle recruiting. She was behind talent planning and also development and execution. She was also a partner at the senior management as she would assist in analyzing the needs of the clients and also offer business solutions.


Currently, she is serving at Deutsche Bank, where she directs the progress and advancement of offers. This is for the Asset Management in the USA, Commercial, Wealth & Private Clients, Infrastructure, and also Global Technology. She also counsels executive and leadership committees on the most favorable recruitment practices aimed to enhance competence and drawing in top talents. Julie provides direction to the recruiting teams, thus, supporting the Director, Infrastructure, and Operations & Technology. She manages vendor appointments such as negotiating terms, business relationships, assessment of performance, and also governance of contracts.


Julie Zuckerberg enjoys participating in various activities. Some of them include improving her knowledge on technology and also taking photographs for fun. She is a lover of cultures and arts, and she shows great concern for animals. She is also an advocate of economic empowerment and uses her spare time to undertake charity work. Julie constantly challenges herself with new techniques and workouts to modify her daily routine. She is very passionate about sharing what she knows and also encourages others to embrace a healthy lifestyle and aim to acquire their fitness targets. She is also interested in preparing meals which are rich in nutrients, from recipes provided online to her trial and error self-made recipes. For more information, you can follow this link.


Sheldon Lavin: Philanthropist Or Businessman?

Most people probably hear the name Sheldon Lavin and the first thing that comes to their mind is that of is the title, CEO of OSI Group. However, while that may be a large part of who and what he does, Sheldon Lavin has proven through his deeds that he is a great believer in philanthropic work.

Even ignoring the work that he has done in the past and continues to do, there is still more than the meets the eye. Sheldon Lavin has been a great pioneer with his company OSI Group, in pushing for the reduction in environmental impact and increasing safeguards against such things.

Under Sheldon Lavin leadership OSI has went on to win the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honour Award on three separate occasions. The first being in 2013 with another following in 2015; while the most recent win was in 2016. These awards go to show the great effort that he has poured into reducing the potential impact.

Stepping away from the realm of corporations for a minute and getting back into his philanthropic work. Sheldon Lavin also serves on the board of trustees for the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC). He plays a vital role in his position on the board of trustees for the RMHC foundation, as he is responsible for helping to provide leadership to the foundation. With his vast leadership experience Lavin has a figurative vault of knowledge to pull from in making sure the foundation reaches its target audience. Which the importance of can never be overstated.

Truly it can be a testament to his character, knowing that before he headed The OSI Group, he had no experience in the food industry. From that piece of his history it is possible to discern that he is a fast learner and an amazing asset to wherever he decides to focus his attention and energy.

Based on his philanthropic work thus far and how he has continued to ramp it up over the years, it is safe to assume that he will put even more focus into it in the coming years.

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Brian Torchin’s Mission

Brian Torchin is a chiropractor who has a passion for helping people. He realized this when he attended the University of Delaware and received a bachelor’s degree in sports medicine in 1992. He has turned that passion into a mission for helping the medical field find work. In the healthcare industry, they don’t always list their jobs publicly. It can be very difficult to find jobs and Brian Torchin realized this during his years as a chiropractor.

He used his experience in the field of chiropractic practice as the basis of learning the ways of the medical industry. He learned the different components that go into putting together a medical facility of high quality. He learned about the maintenance it takes to keep a facility running.

Brian Torchin found the proper ways to hire the best possible staff for his healthcare facility and he wanted to share this knowledge with other people. In 2005, he started the Healthcare Recruitment Counselors business in Philadelphia to help people in the healthcare field to find a job. HCRC helps medical facilities hire the right people for the right job to best serve their patients.

There is nothing more important in the medical facility then to make sure that the patients are given proper treatment. HCRC Staffing has allowed hospitals and medical professionals to come together and help patients throughout the United States as well as Asia and Europe. Learn more about Brian Torchin:

The important things to look for when hiring an employee is their skills, experience and disposition. If the person is a good team member and is willing to do the work, then the whole team will benefit.

HCRC Staffing understand how vital it is that the medical practices are carried out in a safe manner. HCRC continues to grow throughout the world and Brian’s mission continues to change people’s lives for the better.

How Fabletics Gains an Edge Over Other Stores That Offer Plus Sizes

Tons of people want to look good and feel stylish. In fact, people of all sizes want to be able to enjoy different styles that are amazing and impressive. However, when people reach a certain size, most of the styles stop. A lot of people are then stuck with clothes that are rather basic and generic looking. For instance, larger people are stuck with pants and shirts that are boxy, dull and lacking in interesting color schemes or designs. This is often one of the disappointing aspects of being very big or tall. Men and women are faced with the disappointment of not having fashion that is going to give them a great sense of style.


Kate Hudson has understood the frustrations that people of a larger size experience. After all, looking stylish should not be something that is reserved for the average in size. People have not done anything wrong just for being a lot larger than average. Therefore, Fabletics is taking a lot of initiative in order to make sure that the larger sizes are accounted for. However, as with the average sized people, they have to make sure that the clothes they offer the larger people are what is going to sell.


This approach to selling clothes is what sets Fabletics apart from other stores. When people go to other stores, they are often faced with just the regular types of clothes. Fabletics offers people the custom styles and sizes for people that are larger. This is what makes Fabletics an attractive option for people who have an interest in fashion and looking different than other people.


With Fabletics, larger people can take a greater interest in fashion. They can find items that are going to impress others. This is something that is not easily found with Amazon and other stores that sell tons of items. Fabletics focuses on one type of item and makes sure that it is being creative with all of the aspects of the item so that it can satisfy the customers in ways that bring out their imaginations. There is always a lot of creativity and thought put into Fabletics.

Brad Reifler Makes Investing Look Easy

There are many industries in the business world that are complex, complicated, challenging, and competitive. All of these aspects make the business world what is today. Many people find it hard to succeed in the business world because of such things as complexity and competition. In certain industries, the barriers to success are much higher than others based on the particular industries.

One of the industries that is extremely challenging is the investment industry. The reasons why the investment industry is tough are numerous.

However, there are a few reasons that standout from the rest. One of these reasons is that the investment industry is a results industry that depends on numbers to determine the best professionals in the industry. When it comes to the investment field, it is easy to figure out the top performing professionals in an organization.

People can find the sales reports and the reports will explain a lot about the top producers. The numbers on sales reports just tell the truth. If an investment professional is performing well, the numbers will show that result.

In the same manner, if an investment professional is not performing well, the numbers will show that side. This is what makes the investment industry a tough place for people to excel. In the end, great results are required to be successful.

Crunchbase reported that this is how Brad Reifler became a success story in the investment industry. He produced great results over and over again. His performance numbers told that he was a top performer. This provided him with the opportunity to get career opportunities. Brad Reifler took full advantage of all of his career opportunities. Brad Reifler has become a top executive in the investment industry where he is a CEO in charge of a top performing investment firm.

According to Bloomberg, Brad Reifler has a lot of abilities that allow him to produce great results. He is a professional who works hard, has a vast amount of investment industry experience, and has taken the time to learn a great deal about the investment industry. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

However, beyond all of the talent, skill, and personal qualities that Brad Reifler has, he is able to produce results. He is able to provide the numbers to demonstrate his professional performance.