Brian Torchin’s Mission

Brian Torchin is a chiropractor who has a passion for helping people. He realized this when he attended the University of Delaware and received a bachelor’s degree in sports medicine in 1992. He has turned that passion into a mission for helping the medical field find work. In the healthcare industry, they don’t always list their jobs publicly. It can be very difficult to find jobs and Brian Torchin realized this during his years as a chiropractor.

He used his experience in the field of chiropractic practice as the basis of learning the ways of the medical industry. He learned the different components that go into putting together a medical facility of high quality. He learned about the maintenance it takes to keep a facility running.

Brian Torchin found the proper ways to hire the best possible staff for his healthcare facility and he wanted to share this knowledge with other people. In 2005, he started the Healthcare Recruitment Counselors business in Philadelphia to help people in the healthcare field to find a job. HCRC helps medical facilities hire the right people for the right job to best serve their patients.

There is nothing more important in the medical facility then to make sure that the patients are given proper treatment. HCRC Staffing has allowed hospitals and medical professionals to come together and help patients throughout the United States as well as Asia and Europe. Learn more about Brian Torchin:

The important things to look for when hiring an employee is their skills, experience and disposition. If the person is a good team member and is willing to do the work, then the whole team will benefit.

HCRC Staffing understand how vital it is that the medical practices are carried out in a safe manner. HCRC continues to grow throughout the world and Brian’s mission continues to change people’s lives for the better.