Scott Rocklage Brings His Science Background With Him To Help Early Stage Entrepreneurs To Build A Solid Life-Science Business

Scott Rocklage is a Managing Partner of the life-science based venture capital firm, 5AM Ventures, and he has been so since 2004. He brings with him years of experience in the healthcare management industry as well as a background in science. Early on in life, Rocklage studied at the University of California, Berkeley where he earned a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Chemistry. He went on to pursue and complete his Ph.D. in Chemistry at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It was there that he performed research in the lab of the Nobel Prize winner, Richard R. Schrock. Over the years, he also invented or was the co-inventor of more than 30 United States patents.


Scott Rocklage was the CEO of EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. and was also its Acting CEO for a period of time. He also worked with Amersham Health as its CEO and President and was the Co-President of Ilypsa, Inc. Previously, Rocklage sat as the President of Cubist Pharmaceuticals Inc. for seven years and also was its Founding Chief Executive Officer for nine years. Before this, he was the CEO and President of Nycomed Salutar, Inc. and the CEO, Chairman, and President of Nycomed Interventional, Inc. Today he sits as a part of the Board of Directors of Nouscom AG and works with MDS Proteomics, Inc. as a Director.


Scott Rocklage was the man responsible for the FDA approval of Cubicin, Omniscan, and Teslascan, and he has also worked on many other possible drug candidates. He has found that it is his skills of organization, prioritizing, and time management that have helped him to become the success he is. He has also learned that a company does its best when it focuses, heavily, on the selection of its team. This is where he says many business leaders get jammed up, and this has caused him problems in the past. It was when he learned to stop staying stuck on a bad employee hire that he found that his businesses would run more smoothly. He has expressed that it doesn’t matter what you do to try to motivate or change an employee that is not the right fit for your company. If they have a set of underlying deficiencies that cause them to do poorly, it’s best to not waste a lot of time trying to make them change. Instead, it’s best to move forward and focus on the rest of your team and work to find a better fit for your company.


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Hussain Sajwani’s Impressive Business Credentials: Reasons He is Doing So Well

It is high time we begin to see the word “credentials” beyond paper certificates issue by institutions of learning. Better put, credentials are innate qualities that sometimes validated with certificates. The reason is not far fetched. There are men and women with unparalleled business acumen even before obtaining any paper qualification. These rare individuals can be classified as born-entrepreneurs. Hussain Sajwani falls into this group of people.


While he was only 3 years old, his parents, neighbors and relatives noticed the business talents embedded in him. He usually joined his father in a watch shop to provide some assistance. Young Hussain also had an undying love for western education although the father lacked the financial capability to provide it. Nevertheless, he kept burning the midnight oil reading profusely. Somehow, assistance came his way, and he ended up studying in one of the best institutions of higher learning, the University of Washington, obtaining in the process a bachelor degree in Economics and Industrial Engineering in 1981.


Hussain Sajwani understands the place of adequate preparation if one intends accomplishing great feats in business. With this mindset, he joined the workforce of GASCO, a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, with the hope of acquiring valuable experience as well as raising some capital to launch his own company. He eventually achieved both goals. He was not just successful but recorded extraordinary success, sometimes unprecedented.


His first attempt was a catering venture. With little to no capital, the company rose to the pinnacle of the industry serving over 200,000 meals per day. The success story of DAMAC Properties, another company belonging to Hussain Sajwani, is something phenomenal. DAMAC is currently one of the largest property developing companies across the Middle East. Apart from the hundreds of magnificent properties developed by DAMAC, the company also owns quite a number of five-star luxury hotels in Dubai and other prominent cities in the region.


DAMAC business activities are not restricted to the Middle East. The current President of the United States had a couple of his golf courses developed by the DAMAC owner, and both men have since become intimate friends.


Aside business, the Hussain Sajwani family has a reputation for coming to the aid of the underprivileged, particularly youths and children. Recently, Hussain Sajwani donated AED two million for the clothing of a million poor children.

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