Kim Dao and Cousin Bobby Sight See and Shop in Italy

Kim Dao and her cousin, Bobby, went to a shopping mall where she bought sun glasses and a new hand bag. Florence has a lot of large shopping malls, including a Prada fashion mall. While wandering around outside, Kim Dao bought a green apple flavored gelato with a sugar cookie on top. For lunch, the cousins shared some French fries and some cooked lunch meat. Learn more:


After doing some shopping, Kim Dao and Cousin Bobby went back to the hotel to rest for about an hour before going sightseeing to see some old churches. Kim Dao and her cousin had a late dinner. They had one more day in Florence, Italy  before heading back to Denmark. They stopped at a buffet to get pastrami, cheese, and a fruit drink. After dinner, Kim Dao and her cousin strolled through the streets looking at the goods the street vendors were selling and looking at the ancient buildings and statues. Kim Dao found a flight of stone steps that piqued her curiosity, and she climbed the staircase to see where it led to. The stairs led to another street with street vendors. She bought herself a pistachio and yogurt flavored gelato cone and walked on the shore of the Arno River. Learn more:


Dao and her cousin returned to the hotel and had a late steak dinner. The waiter cut up cubes of the steak for the twosome. The cousins had some macaroni and cheese and potatoes. The cousins left for Denmark late the next night. Learn more: